Carrier-Grade IP Connectivity and Communications Solutions

Eyeball Networks delivers carrier-grade IP connectivity solutions for some of the world’s best known service providers, application developers, handset and tablet makers.
With more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, Eyeball Networks is embedded in products used by 98% of the Fortune 500 & 100% of the Fortune 100.

Eyeball Networks has a complete line of products to serve all your IP connectivity, Video telephony, Instant Messaging and NAT traversal needs. Our products can either stand alone to fulfill specific requirements, or work in tandem to support fully integrated service deployments involving multiple services.


Guaranteed IP Connectivity


Voice and video engine enabling guaranteed voice and video quality


Integrate Microsoft Lync into endpoints,
servers, gateways, and services


Softphone SDK which enables
instant messaging, voice, & video conferencing

Enable WebRTC-compatible
voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing

Server Software

STUN TURN Server Software for Guaranteed IP Connectivity


Carrier-grade presence
and instant messaging server

Stop IP Spam with
Eyeball Networks Anti-SPIT Server

Enterprise Border Session Controller (E-SBC)
for Network Inter-Connectivity


SIP server supports deployments of
more than 50MM/100% service uptime

Eyeball pioneered the STUN TURN ICE NAT traversal technologies which were later adopted by the IETF and other standards bodies. As well as STUN TURN and ICE, Eyeball products have been enhanced to support the MS-STUN, MS-TURN, MS-ICE, and MS-ICE2 protocols.

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The internet is evolving from a network for device-to-server connections and communications (e.g. email, web) into a network for device-to-device connections and communications (e.g. WebRTC, IoT). Eyeball Networks is at the forefront of that evolution.



Eyeball Networks AnyFirewall Engine does not require manual settings and provides guaranteed connectivity on any network, any device.

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The Open Interconnect Consortium is being founded by leading technology companies with the goal of defining the connectivity requirements and ensuring interoperability of the billions of devices that will make up the emerging internet of things (IoT).

Trusted by tier one companies around the world, AnyFirewall Technology is embedded in products used by 98% of the Fortune 500 and 100% of the Fortune 100.

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